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Tartare di Pesce

Market Price Tartare del giorno

Fish tartare based on the day's catch

€ 17.00 Tartare di Gambero Gobbetto

Gobetto shrimps served on a couscous tabbule

€ 18.00 Cheesecake di tonno

Raw tuna dices served on a warm bed of coarsely mashed potatoes


€ 16.00 Carpaccio di Manzo

Scottona beef, fresh arugula salad, Grana shaving, extra virgin Cutrera olive oil.

€ 21.00 Carpaccio di Gambero rosso di Mazara

Mazara red prawns, Himalayan pink salt, lemon zest, extra virgin Cutrera olive oil.

€ Market price Carpaccio Misto

A mix of fish carpaccios based on day's catch

€ 16.00 Carpaccio di Tonno

Marinated Mediterranean tuna slices with Pantelleria capers

Le Insalate

€ 14.00 Contadina

Fresh buffalo mozzarella, green marrows, bell peppers, extra virgin Cutrera olive oil

€16.50 Gamberi e noci

Grilled Argentinian prawns, walnuts, Pecorino cheese and baby spinach leaves tossed in a Balsamic dressing

Oyster Bar

The below are subject to seasonality and catch of the day

x 3 to taste €10.50 x 6 to enjoy €19.90 x 12 to share €37.00

Plateau Dolce Vita

€ 40.00 Petite Degustation…

A scrumptious sampling of a few of our signature dishes : two type of fish carpaccio of the day, tartare of the day, oven backed breaded swordfish, whitebait patties, fried calamari, mussels, vegetables "caponata" with grilled squid, backed salmon and chives patties, swordfish parmigiana, homemade stuffed pasta of the day

20.00 Ispirazione anni ’60

Our Chef's version of the italian antipasto based on a selection of cured meats and cheese appertisers

€ 180.00 Gran Plateau for 4

A delectable platter of the freshest oysters, red king prawns, tuna tartare, half lobster and fish carpaccio's, served with a homemade wasabi sauce, lemon wedges and a citronette dressing.

€95.00 Gran Plateau for 2

A delectable platter of the freshest oysters, red king prawns, tuna tartare, half lobster and fish carpaccio's, served with a homemade wasabi sauce, lemon wedges and a citronette dressing.


€ 20.00 Insalata di mare

Seafood salad with red prawns, squid, mussels, clams, celery and tomatoes.

18.00 Capesante al Balsamico

Fresh Mediterranean Scallops, Breadcrumbs, Balsamic vinegar from Modena, extra virgin olive oil Cutrera, Chicory,

€ 16.00 Gamberoni in Pasta Fillo

Argentinian King prawns wrapped in Fillo pastry and fried in sunflower seeds oil. Served with an homemade fresh basil mayonnaise on the side

€ 18.00 Crudo & Mozzarella

Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella served with a finely cut Parma ham

€ 14.00 Calamari Fritti

Fried squid served with homemade tartar sauce

€ 15.00 Tacos

Corn Tortilla filled with fresh red tuna dices, guacamole sauce, cheese, hot paprika, bell peppers and green leaves

€17.00 Saute’ di vongole

Sauteed clams with garlic and parsley

€ 10.00 Frittelle di Neonata

Fried whitebait patties

16.00 Insalata di polipo e patate

Octopus and potato salad, with fresh datterini tomatoes and capers

€ 15.00 La Caprese

Fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and basil leaves

Le Paste

€ 15.00 Paccheri al pomodoro e basilico

Durum wheat pasta with fresh tomato and basil

€ 18.00 Fresh pasta of the day

Home pasta based on the daily catch

€16.50 Risotto alla Pescatora

Risotto with fresh seafood, tomato sauce and white wine

€ 26.00 Linguine all Astice

Linguine with fresh lobster, cherry tomatoes and white wine

€15.00 Spaghetti alla chitarra Zucchine e Gamberi

Bronze-drawn durum wheat semolina pasta with shrimps, green marrows and cherry tomatoes

€16.00 Spaghetti alle Vongole

Spaghetti with clams, white wine , garlic and parsley

Secondi di Pesce

€ 28.00 Filetto di pesce bianco con spaghetti di verdure

Oven backed fillet of fish, served on a bed of vegetable spaghetti

€25.00 Fritturina

Fried squid and prawns and fish bites

€ 50.00 Astice alla Catalana

Fresh lobster in Catalan style with celery, onions, tomatoes and fresh basil

€ 25.00 Tataki di Tonno in crosta di pistacchio

Pan-fried tuna steak encrusted in pistachio silvers, served with vegetables "caponata"

€70.00 Grigliata mista di pesce (for 2 people)

Fresh grilled squid, Mazara king prawns, tuna steak, fillet of fish from the catch of the day

€35.00 Gambero Rosso di Mazara

Grilled fresh King Prawns served with Basmati rice

€6.00 x 100 gr. Pescato del Giorno

Catch of the day cooked to your liking

Secondi di Carne

€27.00 Agnello con salsa alle mele

Oven backed French rack of lamb in mixed herbs crust, with apple sauce served with vegetables

€ 29.00 Filetto di Manzo

Grilled fillet steak served with a choice of home made sauces.

€ 30.00 Rib-Eye di Scottona

Grilled Italian Scottona Ribe-Eye 350 gr. served with mixed salad and fries

€ 24.00 Tagliata di Scottona

Scottona beef, fresh rucola salad, fresh cherry tomatoes, grana cheese shavings, served with mixed salad and fries